New venture concept-to-validation more quickly and using less capital than traditional methods.

Our approach is simple and flexible.

Collaborating with stakeholders we define and execute against only the minimal and critical priorities in each of five key business drivers;

People, Passion, Plan, Process and Performance

We view concept validation with a project orientation and using "lean" principles help founders and investors develop a concept validation plan and support execution to develop or affirm minimally viable product, initial sales efforts, sufficient customer support, other operations and capital administration. 

We expect to develop a plan within 60 days, start iterative execution during this period and thereafter on a more robust and steady basis. We have experience delivering substantive and planned results within 60-90 days. Alternatively it can take this long to hire fixed and full-time employees that will still require time to ramp up to full contribution.

The primary objectives for a validation project are finalized minimally viable product, demonstrated initial market acceptance, sales lead creation and pipeline development, closed, satisfied and reference-quality customers, operational sufficiency and financial model validation.

As plan execution proceeds and measurable success is achieved we support defining and hiring needed full-time or contract personnel based on preferable timing and optimal operating model. As internal staffing capabilities increase, we migrate our role to part-time, oversight or a complete exit.

We have various fee options:

  • General Business Implementation: Services are charged on a monthly retained basis, typically with a 90 day minimum commitment. Rates depend on EA time allocation, the number and EA personnel deployed.
  • Defined Project: Specific services, time and outcomes are pre-defined and fees are fixed for the period.
  • Customer Commitments: Services specifically related to securing customer project commitments whether as a part of General Business Implementation or alone may be charged through a combination of retained service fees and revenue success fees.
  • Equity: In certain instances we will consider equity in lieu of service fees in part or in whole.