Uncommon support for entrepreneurs and investors providing not only experienced counsel, but holistic business development quickly, effectively and with less capital.

Holistic execution building minimally viable product and services, initial sales efforts and success, customer satisfaction and scalable operations. 

In short, faster time to business viability and growth.

Key to our approach is defining and focusing on only a limited set of priorities related to People, Plan, Process and Performance. At inception or an early stage complication or over-sophistication are the enemies expediency and effectiveness. Faster execution is achieved through simplicity and focus. Developing priorities around the "four P's" helps team members not necessarily familiar or experienced with planning techniques to more easily contribute to priority-based business development and better own both execution and expected results.

This relatively simple strategic and operational planning effort lays a foundation for later expanded and likely more in-depth planning efforts particularly with more participants. Defined priorities in each of the four P's will comprise the venture validation plan and correlate directly to the use-of-proceeds, proforma operating and financial plan and key performance measures.