Erdman Advisory drives value through fractional executive leadership, team and culture development, operations improvement, innovation and revenue enhancement strategy and execution.

The Challenges

At an early and often later stages of business development significant and unaffordable effort, time and money are spent attempting to find and attract talented people that are capable of creating early success, building on momentum or transforming a stagnant strategy or business model. People that are passionate about building and growing a business, highly talented in their fields, are willing to take risk, can multi-task and execute quickly and effectively. The "right" people for these circumstances are in reality a very limited resource and the market for this talent is really not very efficient. Founders, investors and executives continue to struggle with this problem, languish with ill-spent effort and money attempting to onboard talent while suffering opportunity cost and aggravating delay building, growing or changing their ventures as market conditions require. In many cases founders, the most passionate and capable evangelists for the business and its solutions are sidelined in roles they don't relish and may struggle accomplishing.

The Solution

Erdman Advisory ("EA") is focused on inserting personnel into a business in days or weeks not months, rapidly and accurately assessing situational priorities and moving quickly to highly effective execution dictated by an early, but evolving plan, saving valuable time, redirecting talent, effort and preserving capital.

  • We work with entrepreneurs, owners and investors seeking to build and grow early and growth stage businesses or revitalize and retrack mature businesses not meeting their full potential or struggling with leadership.
  • We help businesses that are ready for and place a premium on fast, focused and effective execution while optimizing the application of available capital.
  • Distinctively we support both advice and hands on execution to apply our skills and experience in building and transforming strategy, sales, marketing, employees, culture and all aspects of  operations.
  • We help energize and revitalize businesses that might otherwise not achieve their full potential.

Experience and Applications

Business Scenarios:

·         Early-Stage 

·         Growth-Stage

·         Transition

Business Models:

·         SaaS

·         Software Product 

·         Tech Services

·         Systems Integration


·         Enterprise  

·         Consumer

·         Government

Industry Experience:

·         Information Technology

·         Customer Engagement

·         Social Media

·         Supply Chain

·         Life Sciences

·         Product Security


·         Distance Education

·         Government